[mythtv-users] limit on tuner connections per backend machine?

Amy Overmyer aovermy at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 17:55:02 UTC 2012

Saturday night, I was attempting to add a second DVB-S card to control another motorized dish. In this case, I was trying to add a Prof7500 usb tuner. So I used mythtv-setup to set it up and put some satellite positions in and exited out and restarted. Only now it would not connect up to the master as a slave. The last thing I saw in the master's log was tzconfig attached, and the slave had 6 connections to the database on the master. So I tried this various ways, rebooted both systems multiple times, and could not get it to reconnect as a slave. Mythweb showed the remote tuners as not connected. 

Anyway, eventually, after trying many things I realized the problem was the 2nd card. If I added the first and then restarted, everything was fine. Once I added the 2nd, things weren't.

Now one issue is that the first card attaches to a North American standard LNB (LO 10750) and the 2nd one attaches to a Universal (European) LNB (10600 plus 22k tone). But since those are separate entries in diseq trees for each card, I don't think that should be a problem. The other possibility is that the number of connections was too high. The first card can see 11 orbital locations, so that's 11 connections. The second can see 12 (it can't see one the other can and can see 25 degrees more to the west). 

So, I decided to just punt and set up a second slave for the other dish. I had an extra P3 laptop lying around anyway. It's probably a good idea since the first dish is set up and in "production" with recordings working just fine, while the 2nd dish and card is probably going to need some tweaking. Plus it'll give me a chance to try to play with WOL and suspend.

This is on mythtv 24 fixes (from mythbuntu 11.10). Has anyone seen anything similar? Did I run into some limit? I had previously had both cards in, but at that time I only had maybe 9 connections on the first card.
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