[mythtv-users] corrupted video

Teruel deCampo MD chusty at attglobal.net
Sat Jul 28 13:02:35 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-07-24 at 17:12 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Are you certain your video drivers are properly installed and
> working?  
> Also, which graphics card and which drivers are you using? 


Nvidia GTX 580. 
I am using the nvdia  295.49 driver with the default settings. 

OS:Linux 3.1.10-1.16-desktop x86_64
System:openSUSE 12.1 (x86_64)
KDE:4.7.2 (4.7.2) "release 5"

as windows effect I am using the cube. 

Mike, this does not happen all the time but only occasionally. To
troubleshoot this problem may be very hard because I can not reproduce
it. My question to the forum was just incase someone had it all the time
and was able to trouble shoot it. 
Thxs for your reply.

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