[mythtv-users] logitech harmony setup (hell) - wiki outdated?

ikke ikke at iki.fi
Fri Jul 27 16:38:22 UTC 2012

Some progress! I was able to add Watch Movies or similar activity, and
that allowed adding MythTV device as part of the activity. I wasted
few hours just to run at a bug in Ubuntu and KVM, the usb device
forwarding to KVM guest crashes the guest. But after walking to
friends Win7 I got the device updated, and it seems to work. Now I
just need to find the lirc setup for mythdora, or (hopefully not)
record all the ir commands with lirc.

Anyone with Harmony and Mythdora lirc conf file? Please do share the
/etc/lirc.conf for remote codes...

I was suggested to use the MCE config, but since I don't have windows
to reprogram the harmony, I would want to try now the mythdora config.
I could update the wiki to include it, in case I succeed.

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