[mythtv-users] Time to get a SSD?

Edmund edmund.1 at dial.pipex.com
Wed Jul 25 19:08:25 UTC 2012

>> I suppose I could use it for livetv, but I'm not sure if it would 
>> make any difference in channel changing or anything like that. 
>>  Commercial flagging and transcoding are both CPU bound, so I don't 
>> think it would make a difference there. Any advantages to having a 
>> larger SSD in a myth system that I'm overlooking?

I paid a lot more than that for mine a year or so ago. In addition to 
the myth backend and database I can hold all of my music for the home 
MP3 player, all photographs which other computers can mount (in a vain 
attempt to keep all photographs in one place), and some other data that 
my desktop and laptop can share. My discs spin up only during recording 
and very occasionally during playback (with all the fiddling I don't 
have much time to watch). I am trying to reduce heat as my backend is in 
a cupboard.
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> I wish that someone would come out with one of these that
> was shorter and could be used, with a SATA/PATA adapter.
> There is  still a bunch of old equipment that uses the 2.5 PATA.
> They could just use a spacer on the other end for SATA applications.
> I do use a compact flash with some systems and though it seems to work
> well, CF is quite expensive for any decent size.
> The SD to PATA adapters that I've tried were slooooooooooooooooooooow.
I agree. I've just upgraded from ubuntu 8.04 to 12.04 and it was a big 
struggle to get it to fit on my 4GB compact flash (why is vim a 25MB 
download?). I'm not sure I'll be able to upgrade this again without 
going to more effort than the hardware is worth. (I have decided to 
unify everything to Ubuntu 12.04 - it has been enough trouble learning 
the changes from 8.04 without bothering with other distributions.)

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