[mythtv-users] CableCard Chain.

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 16:08:53 UTC 2012

Rob Davis wrote:

>>Over here, there is still a mindset that Satellite TV == Sky, even
>>though we have a very good FTA service (Freesat, DVB-S[2])) as well as
>>terrestrial (Freeview, DVB-T[2]). I think that (the sat==Sky bit) is
>>now starting to change with the number of PVRs on the market.

>However, over there, there is an acceptance that you can get a 
>freeview/freesat dvr system from a supermarket or catalog(ue) store 
>and plug it in without paying the sat or cable company anything to 
>use it.

There is now.
As you say, Freeview was a game changer here - before that you only 
got 4 1/2 channels*

* or Sky. Now, as you say, people are used to being able to buy DVRs 
(or non-DVR set top boxes) from pretty well anywhere - on the shelf 
at big places like ASDA (part of Walmart).

>I think most of my UK friends settle with a Sky/Virgin box (is there 
>anyone else?)

AFAIK, that's about it. All the different cable companies ended up 
merged into Virgin - but for those (a lot of use) not in a cabled 
area, it's Free[view|sat] or Sky.
Though there is the Top-upTV service which runs encrypted channels on 
the Freeview platform.

>Just my thoughts having lived in both places.  I would much prefer 
>the UK setup to the US one

Sadly, a lot of people here seem to crave the US system. Actually 
that's not true, they want to scrap the TV licence fee that pays for 
a lot of what we have, without thinking through the consequences.

* How many channels you got on analogue was variable - as you'll 
probably remember. If you were lucky then you got 5 watchable 
channels - channel 5 being prone to interference and dropout for many 
due to using lower power (to avoid interference). For many using 
relays, they might only get 3 or 4 channels.
Oh those heady days when choosing what to watch was simpler - but 
(perhaps through rose tinted specs) of mostly better quality (in 
terms of script, production etc).

Simon Hobson

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