[mythtv-users] Exporting Recordings to Videos

Sven Bretfeld sven.bretfeld at gmx.ch
Tue Jul 24 14:09:58 UTC 2012

Hi to all

For years I have used mythnuv2mkv to transcode recordings that I want to
keep for ever and have available in a medium size (< 1GB for a 1.5 h
movie) avi file. I used to separate the resulting files from recordings
and stored them in genre-specific subfolders for Mythvideo.

mythnuv2mkv has stopped to work under Mythbuntu 12.04 (with Mythtv
0.25-fixes). I seems still to work with movies that don't have
a cutlist for commercial breaks. If there is a cutlist cutting more than
the beginning and the end of a file, the transcoding process stops at
the first break.

So I'm looking for another method.

MythVidexport is a mystery to me. I works alright but doesn't honor
cutlists and there is no way to shrink the filesize. I have read a
statement by Raymond Wagner, the author, that mythvidexport expects you
to have done all transcoding stuff before you run mythvidexport. This
means that you have to run at least two user-jobs to get what you want:
mythtranscode and mythvidexport. Inconvenient compared to mythnuv2mkv.
Further, mythtranscode results in a file ending with mpg.tmp which is
not used by mythvidexport. So one has to replace the original mpg-file
with the mpg.tmp-file created by mythtranscode.

There is the additional problem that I don't find the configuration
settings for mythtranscode profiles in Mythbuntu. Sorry, but I have
searched for half an hour without success. Where do I find it? 

Is there really no easy way to do the following:

1. create a cutlist from a recording (manually)
2. start a user-job which reduces the file-size and exports the result
   to mythvideo

Thanks for hints,


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