[mythtv-users] 0.25 SQL CPU Load issues after optimisation

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Mon Jul 23 19:39:00 UTC 2012

> Doesn't always work, at least in the UK. We /also/ have other channels
> like Dave, Yesterday, etc which show recycled programs from the main group
> of BBC/ITV/Cannel4/Channel5.
>> When programs pop up on these other channels, they may not be marked as
>> repeat (or as recently, "rerun") and may have different program ids as well.
>> My rules list is cluttered with exceptions where I've had to remove
>> extraneous showings of series from two seasons back.
>> Sometimes, 'On this channel' (or perhaps, 'On this group of channels?')
>> is what we need to filter out the repeats.
>>  I've deleted Dave and the rest from my list. The one program a year I
> might have wanted to watch  that I now miss is more than made up for by the
> effort saved in no longer having to delete those old episodes.
> I also have deleted all the +1 channels too. However I have only freeview
> and three dual tuners so conflicts aren't an issue for me. I can see that
> if you have fewer tuners or more channels you would need to keep them.
> After retunes I make sure that the seven or eight channels I care about
> retain their chanid. If I cared about more than that I would use an sql
> list to maintain them for me.
It's a shame you actually have to delete the channel.  I could see the
value of an "enable scheduler" flag for channels... so we could simply tell
the scheduler to ignore a given channel on a scheduling run... however a
"record this showing" would still work, and you could still tune it in
livetv, and optionally record while you watch.

Would be handy to be able to exclude channels from searching too... I hate
running a "new series" search and seeing a ton of crap from channels I will
never record but may tune to occasionally (shopping, community access,
local government, etc).
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