[mythtv-users] tmdb.py pulls Least Favourite Fan Art from themoviedb.org

Kingsley Turner krt at krt.com.au
Fri Jul 20 20:01:48 UTC 2012

On 20/07/12 23:57, Doug Vaughan wrote:
> You can see what order the fanart is returned by adding the debug (-d) 
> option to any tmdb.py call. The URL used to get the raw data from the TMDB 
> site is displayed near the beginning of the returned info. You can copy 
> that URL into a browser and see the raw data including all image URLs and 
> their order.
> Here is an abbreviated example:
> Get the inetref number for this movie:
> > ./tmbd.py -M "Terminator 2"
> Get all associated metadata for the movie include debug info:
> > ./tmdb/py -D "0103064" -d
> It may be that the "least favourite" fanart you have observed is what TMDB 
> is returning. As you did not include an example movie in your email I 
> could not check if this was indeed the case.

Hi Doug,

Yeah, sorry I should have included an example.

So let's look at "John Carter" - I've watched this twice with the kids, and 
I'm *still* not sure what it's actually about... ;)
I also repeated this with "Ghostbusters", "Paul" and one other I can't remember.

Here's a link for it: 

# ./tmdb.py -M "john carter"

# ./tmdb.py -D 0401729 -d

        <image type="fanart" 
width="1920" height="1080"/>
       <image type="fanart" 
width="1920" height="1080"/>
       <image type="fanart" 
width="1920" height="1080"/>
       <image type="fanart" 
width="1920" height="1080"/>

There's a metric crapload of backdrop/fan-art results, I've listed the first 
(and last) two above.

I see that the most favourite backdrop (hovering over the link at the 
themoviedb.org web page) is indeed first in the list, and the least 
favourite last in the list.

So now I reset the meta-data on the front end, and I find the image in the 
FanArt directory - which for some reason is 49529_fanart.jpg - I would have 
expected it to be 401729 ... *shrug* ... but this matches the ID code in the 
mythTV front end.  I delete it.

I fetch details, and it's back again!  That almost silhouetted dude on the 
red background (the current least favourite).

So I'm guessing the front end is expecting/using the tmdb.py list in reverse 
order or something?

I'm up early this morning, so I'll have a play with the script, and post 
back.   Maybe reversing the list will be enough.  Or nuking everything 
except the first entry.


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