[mythtv-users] Optimizing rec./livetv tuner orders

warpme warpme at o2.pl
Fri Jul 20 11:35:09 UTC 2012

Hi *
I have quick question regarding rec/livetv tuner orders optimization.
Let assume we have 2 phy tuners (a,b) with 4 vritual each (1...4).
I want to achieve: minimal rec-livetv collisions, best livetv availability, in case of resource races rec. should have priority over livetv.
What setup will give meet above conditions with lowest scheduler load:
tun_a1: 1,8 
tun_a2: 2,6 
tun_a3: 3,4 
tun_a4: 4,2
tun_b1: 5,7 
tun_b2: 6,5 
tun_b3: 7,3 
tun_b4: 8,1
tun_a1: 1,2 
tun_a2: 1,2 
tun_a3: 1,2 
tun_a4: 1,2
tun_b1: 2,1 
tun_b2: 2,1 
tun_b3: 2,1 
tun_b4: 2,1
Assuming, that for the same order value algorithm use tun_nr value for selection, it seems that for rec. order, case1 will result with the same scheduling order like case2. For livetv not.
But functionally, I think, both cases will offer exactly the same user experience.   
Has case2 any sched. performance gains over case1 ?
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