[mythtv-users] New wunderground weather scripts for 0.26

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Sun Jul 15 06:10:06 UTC 2012

> If you'd like to pay the $300/month for such a key, and can think out a
> good way to make sure no one steals the key for their own app on our dime,
> I'm all ears.  This is the way they said to use it best for an open source
> application. As long as you stay under their limits, as this is a
> non-commercial application, this is how it is done legitimately with their
> API.
> The keys are not tied to IP, which you'd know if you had bothered to click
> on the url before asking.
> I understand that this is not ideal, but it was a choice of this or just
> deleting the wunderground scripts entirely. I figured this was the better
> option.  This is especially the case if we want to extend mythweather later
> to include hurricane information, for instance.

I wasn't trying to be hostile or condescending... did I come across that
way?   I was simply asking questions out of curiosity.

Sure I might have found answers in the terms of service, but I was making
assumptions based on the fact that the page linked says "Free" and "For
Developers" so I never opened the terms of service... even if I had, I
would have guessed you guys dug a little deeper than what was
published (for example you may have emailed the site owners to see if they
would consider an open source option).
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