[mythtv-users] New wunderground weather scripts for 0.26

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Sun Jul 15 05:18:16 UTC 2012


On 7/14/2012 11:27 PM, Joseph Fry wrote:
> Why can't the Mythtv developers register for an API key thats good for all users?

That is done whenever possible but as Gary pointed out, it wasn't in 
this case (no open source exception...).

It was, for example, done for the Met Office weather grabber that was 
committed today...

The first thing (and I mean it) Gavin (beirdo) did when he saw that the 
new API required a key was check if one could be obtained for all MythTV 
users. How do I know? I was talking with him on IRC at the time because 
we had been discussing the problems (incorrect data) the old grabber had 
(because it was using the old deprecated (and soon to be removed) API).

The solution was either to ask all users to get their own key or no 
longer be able to get weather data from wundeground...

Have a nice day,


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