[mythtv-users] New wunderground weather scripts for 0.26

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Sun Jul 15 03:27:04 UTC 2012

> Wunderground has obsoleted the API we were previously using for
> weather maps and for forecasts.  They have replaced it with a much
> sleeker REST API, but however, this came at a "cost".  It now requires
> the use of API keys.
> NOTE:  All users who wish to use the wunderground weather source in
> 0.26 and beyond **MUST** sign up for an API key, which should be put
> into either
> $HOME/.mythtv/MythWeather/wunderground.key
> or
> $MYTHCONFDIR/MythWeather/wunderground.key
> One can sign up for an API key at:
> http://www.wunderground.com/weather/api/
> You will need your key to be at the
> "Cumulus Developer" level for static maps or weather forecasts and
> "Anvil Developer" level for animated maps.
> Since this has required coding and theme changes (adding the logo),
> this will not likely ever be backported to 0.25 or earlier.

Aren't developer API's typically required for application developers,
rather than users?  Why can't the Mythtv developers register for an API key
thats good for all users?  Does it somehow tie the key to the IP or URL of
the server? If so that will kill it for use for those with dynamic IP's.
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