[mythtv-users] Anyone with a MythTV and Free-to-air satellite setup in the United States?

Amy Overmyer aovermy at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 16:27:39 UTC 2012

And I'm guessing as you mentioned FTA in the USA you're not dealing with dvb-t or dvb-c. 

To be honest, I'm not sure how a Traxis numbers its channels. My Openbox S9 (which I only use occasionally since I got my dvb-s2 card and mythtv working), just increments as I add them in by scanning. And if I restore to defaults, it  starts from 1 all over again, and obviously, depending on the order I have it scan satellites, it will number the channels differently. Even if I have it scan in the same order, given the sudden appearance and disappearance of wild feeds, I will still probably not wind up with the same channel order, though I think the receiver box has some kind of channel editor within it, too.

All in all, I think for FTA dvb-s, you'd be better off using a pci or usb card to do the reception rather than going off a composite, svideo or component connection from a satellite receiver box, because you then have the possibility of scanning your channels, rather than having to add them manually. I have a A/B switch between my receiver and my pci card, that way I can either watch directly from the receiver box or give mythtv control of the dish. Though I'll have to say that I've found mythtv's tendency to randomly move the dish to other satellites when it's not in use, to get EIT info, disconcerting the first couple times it did it when I was out in my backyard.
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