[mythtv-users] Anyone with a MythTV and Free-to-air satellite setup in the United States?

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On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 4:36 PM, Amy Overmyer <aovermy at yahoo.com> wrote:
> on a traxis, you would need a bunch of channels, as many as the traxis could
> see (or as many as you want to record/watch) in a database with channel
> numbers of some sort (many people choose numbers like 83_1, 83_2...93_1,
> 101_1 etc. based on the satellite they're pointing at).

If there are 20 available FTA on a particular transponder, it looks
like a combination of polarity, frequency and vpid are unique. But
that's a lot of typing! Do people just let their receivers run a scan,
then assign "1", "2", etc locally, so that possibly _my_ 101_1 may not
be the same as yours?
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Well, if you're just using a receiver, like a Traxis, then the frequency, vpid, etc. doesn't really matter as the receiver itself will be taking care of the tuning for you. What you need to worry about is matching up the traxis channels with the internal mythtv channels because what mythtv will be doing is issueing an ir_send (or whatever your channel changer uses) to a channel on the traxis. So what you'll need to work on is your chanid to channum mappings.

Yes, your 1, 2 etc. would not necessarily align with anyone else's in this circumstance.

With a dvb-s card, then you need to worry about your polarity, frequency and pids. But that way is also a lot closer to digital cable and atsc, so it's a more common use case and involves less typing unless the disorganized mess of channels gets on your nerves (basically I have it so every unique satellite I point to has its own video source), so I would wind up with a lot of weirdly named channels (plus duplicates)  if I didn't use the channel editor. 
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