[mythtv-users] Anyone with a MythTV and Free-to-air satellite setup in the United States?

Amy Overmyer aovermy at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 20:59:09 UTC 2012

I guess the answer is it depends. If you're using a satellite receiver, like a Traxis, to tune the channel and then have myth record that off a composite, svideo or something, then you would go the IR route. In my FTA Ku based system, I have a tuner card that hooks up to my LNB (well, my USALS motor, which hooks up to my LNB) and tunes the frequency and selects out the part of the mux of the transport based on commands from the mythbackend. In that case, what I had to do was feed in transports and scan for channels in mythtv-setup, but, what I don't have is any listings info except on the scant handful of channels that bother with EIT transmission. I imagine I could get creative and use schedules direct to pick out some channels, or use xml or something, but really, I'm good with just being able to manually record off of it.
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