[mythtv-users] how to make idle frontend exit?

Petr Stehlik pstehlik at sophics.cz
Tue Jul 10 10:26:16 UTC 2012

Thomas Boehm píše v Po 09. 07. 2012 v 21:21 +0100:
> > Michael and Thomas, thank you for your suggestions that are good for
> > MythTV < 0.25. I used to be using similar screensaver based system at
> > that time.
> I'm using my method in 0.25.

I didn't say that old methods don't work now. I just said I wanted to
make use of the new method, mainly because I like its integration.

> In fact, it doesn't seem to do anything

that's why I am searching for a customization of the action.

> What is it supposed to do? Should it not add a value to the exit code
> when running "mythshutdown -s" if the frontend is idle?
> Then you should look into the mythtv-setup and change the "ServerHaltCommand".

I doubt FE only machine would make use of ServerHaltCommand.

> > That is great, but I don't want to save just the screen so I am
> > searching for a way to modify the default behavior of the new 0.25 idle
> > feature.
> So what's wrong with my "workaround"?

When I was using that I used to run into troubles when the screensaver
got activated in the middle of movie play. That's why I got rid of that
and don't want to return to it now when MythTV does it internally.


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