[mythtv-users] Grey screen in recordings

Tom Flair lists at graniteskies.net
Mon Jul 9 21:58:51 UTC 2012

I was curious if anyone else had run into this problem and had a fix...

On occasion, my backend will record a program and will generate a grey box
for the preview.  Additionally, when I attempt to play the program, Myth
will freeze momentarily in a black screen then alternate between a black or
grey screen.  Audio will cut out during these sessions, at most, I will
hear a second worth of sound.

In some cases, I've copied the file as-is to my archived files under
MythVideo and played it back without issue.  With the last two episodes,
even that has failed.  Regardless of the status in Myth, I can play the
program in mplayer without issue.

The failed recordings appear to come from a Motorola set-top fed via
firewire, the channel is inconsistent as I can re-record the program off
the same channel and not have an issue.

Any suggestions as to what I can look into with regards to troubleshooting?
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