[mythtv-users] How to test the myth protocol URL?

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 08:24:47 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 8:20 PM, David Fishburn
<dfishburn.mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are there any tools or packages out there that can handle a URL like this:
> myth://mythconverg:myPasswd@
> XBMC streams these URLs and that is what I am trying to debug, so I wanted to test it outside of XBMC.
> I tried VLC, but it didn't work.

I think that is "proprietary" (for want of a better word) to xbmc. But
you could try mythavtest.

> Thanks,
> Dave
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