[mythtv-users] Will these machines give me xorg headaches?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Jul 8 03:08:28 UTC 2012

On 07/06/2012 02:25 AM, Karl Newman wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 3:59 PM, Damian <myth at surr.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm planning on replacing an old MythBox and 'always on' LAN server with one
>> of the selection here:
>> http://www.mediacenter-tv.co.uk/slim-line-media-centres.html
>> The thing I'm worried about is the graphics output and if I'll be able to
>> configure it.
>> I have an old BenQ W100 projector which has a native resolution of 480p.
>> Yes, I know that's rubbish, and I'll get HD when it dies, but it's perfectly
>> adequate for watching SD films until then.
>> When I first set up the last machine, I had a NIGHTMARE getting a workable
>> resolution though to the projector. I had a lot of help on this newsgroup,
>> and after about 2 months of trial and error I got the nVidia drivers doing
>> what I wanted them to do. They feed a 720p image to the projector, which the
>> projector can interpret.
>> These new machines mostly have integratd Intel graphics cards. Is that going
>> to give me a headache again??
>> I temporarily have a Windows XP machine plugged into the projector, and that
>> doesn't know what to make of it. I've not spent time trying to solve it as
>> it's only there for a short time, but I'm back to the 16:9 ratio being
>> ignored and the only options available being 4:3.
>> If it helps to see how good/bad this problem is, here's a link to the
>> xorg.conf file that gets around the problems with my nVidia card and lets
>> things display properly:
>> http://pastebin.com/Eb70dVYV
>> I'd really appreciate your best guess as to whether those xorg.conf changes
>> may work with any graphics card, or if they are nVidia dependent.
>> And while we are on the subject, how does Intel graphics on the motherboard
>> compare to nVidia's for MythTV use?
>> Looking forward to your thoughts,
>> Damian
> Well, I just replaced a failed nVidia system with an intel setup and
> it was far from easy. All told the system was offline (for myth
> purposes) for over a month. A big part of my problem was getting the
> video modes to work correctly. I have an old SD CRT (480i only) and am
> using an HDMI->S-video converter to get a signal to it. I had tried
> earlier using a HDMI->component video but had a terrible time trying
> to get an interlaced mode working. It sounds like your projector
> understands progressive modes so maybe you'll have better luck. I
> played around with the new (in 3.3 or 3.4) kernel ability to insert a
> custom DSDT to specify the available modes (and thus override that
> read from the video output device). I did get it to work, but it was
> still better and simpler for me to downgrade my output type to
> S-Video. As far as Myth's support of intel, I have VAAPI working fine
> with low CPU usage. From what I've read on the list, several others
> have tried and failed, but it wasn't all that difficult for me to get
> it working; just a few key settings/libraries. The quality with isn't
> fantastic but heck I'm still using a 480i display so obviously it
> doesn't bother me much!
> So, I guess my advice is: Good luck! Most likely it will not be plug and play.

A word of warning: do NOT attempt to shift back to an intel setup after 
using an nvidia setup with nvidia driver without precautions. The nvidia 
installer replaces a few libraries with its own. Although the installer 
has an 'uninstall' switch, the replaced libraries are NOT saved. The 
install is in fact, one way.

If you extract the setup from the installer (NVIDIA....run -x) you can 
inspect the resulting files and see what will be removed. You can then 
save those somewhere. Considering how easy it would be to script I have 
NO idea why nvidia fails to do it. They are working on earning that 
middle finger.

The other route is to just do a complete re-install. You may or may not 
approach this with deep feelings of dread and angst. If you have and use 
helper scripts, this may not be a problem,

As usual YMMV,


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