[mythtv-users] Slightly OT - How many People have Video libraries over 8TB?

Alexander Fisher alex at alexfisher.me.uk
Sat Jul 7 15:37:03 UTC 2012

On 7 July 2012 08:43, Simon Hobson <linux at thehobsons.co.uk> wrote:
> Another Sillyname wrote:
>> 1.  The law you are referring to is currently being revised after the
>> Hargreaves Report
> But hasn't changed, and there's a lot of argument to go before the "Google
> Review" suggestions make it into law. Not least reconciling some of the
> proposals which are directly incompatible with international obligations
> (such as the Berne Convention on copyright, WIPO rules, and so on).
>> 2.  The law as it stands (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988))
>> make it legal to copy for time shifting purposes.  Therefore if
>> recordings have been used for that purpose there is a fair use
>> argument.
> But only for time shifting - not for permanent collection.
> I stand corrected that it is in the law, not just a convention. That does
> not alter the fact that building up a library of recorded TV is not time
> shifting and not covered by section 70.
>> 4.  If you wanted to make a point discretely you could have done so in
>> a private message offlist and not drawn attention to the issue,
>> instead you chose to make an opening statement onlist that what I was
>> doing was illegal.
> It is - I suggested shouting about it might not be the wisest course of
> action.
>> As I've said all the BR and DVD material I have I still have the
>> physical media for, so next time you want to make a statement onlist
>> inferring I'm a pirate
> I never, ever called you a pirate - but others would. FWIW, I consider all
> this to be "fair use" (though perhaps not the long term collection of TV). I
> think you will find that very very few (if any) of your disks has licensing
> terms which allow you to make copies - therefore all your copies are not
> lawful.
>>  take the time to ask questions and get your
>> facts straight first.
> I believe I have them straight - apart from the relatively minor correction
> about time shifting.
>> I'll not respond to any further comments about this onlist, if you
>> want to continue offlist I'm happy to do so.
> Fair enough. I don't want to get into an argument either, but I don't think
> it's a good idea having a competition for who's got the biggest unlawful
> media collection in public. That comment was also aimed at others, not just
> you.
> MythTv has already appeared in news media, described as a tool for pirates,
> lets not give that sort of person more ammunition.
> You don't agree with me - fine, lets leave it at that.

As long as people exercise common sense, I don't think there should be
any real problem discussing media library sizes.
Personally, I was most interested in the technical decisions and
reasoning behind different decisions.
RAID5 + spare vs RAID6 for example.  How people manage backups.
Anybody using BTRS yet? etc.

Admitting to having copied your own DVDs to your personal media
library used in a domestic situation is unlikely to get anybody into
trouble even if it's not yet 100% legal in all countries.
In my opinion, the law's just been a bit slow to catch up with the
advances in technology, but probably will soon.  I imagine it's quite
a tricky thing to get right though.
For example, if I were to sell my DVDs, I should have to delete my
media library copies, but what if they're stolen or destroyed in a

Anyway, it's not like anybody's been suggesting they've built their
100TB movie collection during a period when they worked at the local
If anybody has done this, I'd hope they'd have the common sense not to
broadcast it on a public mailing list.

I'm now going to try and get back on topic...

Here goes...

Is anybody using BTRFS, and are there any issues with mythtv.
Specifically perhaps there are issues with myth not correctly knowing
how much free space is available?

Kind Regards,

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