[mythtv-users] Recommended distro?

David Litchman david.litchman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 20:33:08 UTC 2012

On 7/5/2012 4:18 PM, Cecil Watson wrote:
> LinHES is meant to be an appliance so, you won't find Open Office in 
> our repo. A lot of what a user would want to do, we try and account 
> for in our Service Menu. However, they is don't stopping a user from 
> opening an xterm and working configuring by hand. If you think LinHES 
> is limited I'd certainly invite you to contact me off list with your 
> thoughts.
My apologies, "limited" was a poor choice of word.  My observation was 
simply that in Mythbuntu it's easier to access a more familiar OS 
interface while LinHES seems to shield the user from the underlying 
functions much more.  Of course, seeing as that is the goal of LinHES 
I'd say it's an achievement, not a shortcoming.

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