[mythtv-users] Recommended distro?

Geoff B geoffbon at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 16:00:31 UTC 2012

On Jul 5, 2012 9:03 AM, "Karl Dietz" wrote:
> On 05.07.2012 14:22, David Litchman wrote:
>> I'm looking into switching my PC-DVR setup over to MythTV. It looks like
>> there are three main precompiled distros and I'm wondering if any one of
>> them comes more highly-recommended than any of the others?
> I'm quite happy with Mythbuntu. It has its set of quirks, but is a
> close as I could find an appliance style distribution.
> And it appears to have to biggest installed base according to Smolt OS
> stats http://smolt.mythtv.org/static/stats/stats.html
> Regards,
> Karl

I'd second Mythbuntu. I'm also an IT professional, and spent several years
battling through, and getting some good use out of, a Fedora-based Myth
system.  It was a learning experience!

Then I got hit by the same Comcast change everyone did, and decided to
build a new box around a Mythbuntu system (and an HDHR Prime).  It was damn
near seamless, but the biggest difference is that finding answers online is
a lot easier, because of the wide user base.

I still had some quirks to deal with (NAS storage permissions, for
example), and VAAPI doesn't seem to work with Ivy Bridge yet, but generally
it's pretty smooth sailing.

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