[mythtv-users] Conflicts with multiple tuners

Conor Klecker conor at ronoc.net
Tue Jul 3 15:29:10 UTC 2012

> On 06/21/2012 11:37 AM, Conor Klecker wrote:
> > My setup is as followed. Primary BE running mythbuntu 12.04 fixes/.25
> > My tuners are HDHR and an HDHR Prime CC. The prime uses a tuning
> > adaptor and grabs digital HD cable from Charter. The HDHR grabs local
> > OTA stations. They all have been recording great.
> >
> > Now that I am loading up on recordings, I get conflicts every time two
> > shows are on at the same time. Even when all shows have a priority of
> > 0. I can force the recording and both shows will record just fine.
> >
> > Why won't it record more than one show at once on its own?
> Sounds like you've specified Input Groups improperly (and forcing a
> recording switches to a different, later-order input on a different
> Input Group, and allows both recordings to proceed).
> Mike

Yes exactly. I didn't read what input groups were for.

Thank you!
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