[mythtv-users] quickly deleting untunable channels?? (hd prime w/ comcast)

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Jul 3 15:10:44 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 10:45 AM, Scott Chevalley <avalon at osguru.org> wrote:

> On 07/03/2012 10:24 AM, Joseph Fry wrote:
> > On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 7:40 AM, David Watkins <watkinshome at gmail.com
> > <mailto:watkinshome at gmail.com>> wrote:
> >
> >     On 2 July 2012 04:20, Monkey Pet <monkeypet at gmail.com
> >     <mailto:monkeypet at gmail.com>> wrote:
> >     > Hi all, I have a HD prime with comcast.  I am wondering how I
> force mythtv
> >     > to delete all the non-tunable channels.  I have been doing it
> manually after
> >     > having it retrieve the lineup from schedulesdirect.  However, I am
> wondering
> >     > if there is a much faster method to do it, since there are
> hundreds of
> >     > channels.  Also can I access the channel editor from the
> mythfrontend?  I
> >     > have been going through mythtvsetup to do my channel editing.
>  Thanks.
> >
> >
> >     If you already know what channels you want to delete then maybe you
> >     can use a modified version of the script on the this page?
> >
> >     http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/UK_Channel_Assignments
> >
> >     It doesn't necessarily save a lot the first time you use it, but it
> >     makes sorting things out following a channel rescan much easier.
> >
> >
> > I simply change the "visible" flag using the MythWeb channel editor.  I
> also do
> > this for channels that I know I'll never watch so they don't clutter up
> my guide
> > and search results (seems like every show on the home shopping channels
> appear
> > as a new series when I do a search).
> >
> >
> > This body part will be downloaded on demand.
> >
> I'm interested in doing this as well since Verizon FIOS is going to start
> marking some channels copy-once at the end of the month.  I have 3 of the
> Hauppauge DCR-2650, which are very similar to the HDHR Prime, and I find
> if I
> tune to a channel marked as anything other than copy freely the frontend
> I'm
> using freezes on a black screen.  All of my frontends are using moderately
> old
> nvidia cards, mostly gforce 210's, although I do some testing with an old
> Dell
> D820 with some mobile nvidia chipset.   Is this normal, because that will
> making
> looking through the channels for copy-once channels to delete rather time
> consuming.
> Thanks!

Removing the visible flag with mythweb is the fastest way to prevent
channels from being tuned, and it has the advantage of being easily
reversed.  Removing the channel from your lineup on  SchedulesDirect (if
you use it) will prevent the guide data from being downloaded, so I often
do both to speed up the mythfilldatabase process.

I use QAM and had to scan for channels and link the xmlid's manually... if
your channels were created based purely upon your schedulesdirect listings,
then just editing the channels there may be adequate.
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