[mythtv-users] MythBackend Suddenly swamping CPU on system

Robert M. Riches Jr. rm.riches at jacob21819.net
Sun Jul 1 17:30:28 UTC 2012

On Sun, 01 Jul 2012 11:07:54 +0200, Jan Ceuleers wrote:
> Seems to be caused by the leap second insertion which happened overnight
> (UTC).

At least on my system (backend and frontend on same system), it
seemed connected to mysqld.  Before I had seen any news about
the leap second issue, I stopped mythbackend, but mysqld still
consumed a steady 85% of a LCPU.  After stopping and restarting
mysqld, it immediately returned to using 85% of a LCPU.  After
several rounds of stopping and starting mysqld and mythbackend,
a reboot made everything happy.  Oh, and I didn't think to try
restarting ntpd with the date set command in between.

For reference, here are my relevant versions:

  distro/release: Mageia 1
  ntp:            ntp-4.2.6p3-2.mga1
  mysql:          mysql-5.5.23-1.1.mga1
  mythbackend:    mythtv-backend-0.24.1-20111019.0.1.mga1


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