[mythtv-users] Vaapi use on Sandy Bridge

Matt Garman matthew.garman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 01:34:45 UTC 2012

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 01:55:31PM -0600, william otten wrote:
> The patch is quite simple and involves one function in
> mesa/drivers/dri/intel/intel_screen.c
> Another person on this list
> reported that the patch solved an identical crash for him.  Before
> diving into much debugging, I suggest you apply this patch to the mesa
> 7.11.2 code, recompile it, and give it a test.

I may be the "other person" who has been referred to several times
in this thread, as I did exactly that: I patched the intel_screen.c
file and rebuilt mesa, and now have a nicely working OpenGL-based
SNB frontend (which I'm proud to say is also quite small and
low-power :).

>From my skimming of this thread, it looks like the individual with
the patching issues is running Ubuntu.  I'm running CentOS plus
ATrpms (for MythTV) and elrepo for newer Intel video drivers and
supporting packages (in particular, mesa).

What I did was simply download the source RPM for mesa from elrepo,
manually hack the intel_screen.c file according to the patch, and
rebuild.  I don't know how to do this with Ubuntu/debian packages,
but I can't imagine the process is dramatically different from an
RPM-based distro.

FWIW, the patch that has been mentioned doesn't apply cleanly to the
mesa source from elrepo, because it's a slightly older version:
looks like the mesa-20111103 snapshot.

But the patch is super simple.  Just look for the function
"intelDRI2Flush()" in the file mentioned above.  It should be near
the top of the file.  Just replace that function definition with
this one:

static void
intelDRI2Flush(__DRIdrawable *drawable)
   struct intel_context *intel = intel_context(ctx);

   if (intel != NULL) { /* add this... */
       if (intel->gen < 4)

       intel->need_throttle = GL_TRUE;

       if (intel->batch.used)
   } /* ...and this */

As I commented above, the patch just adds two lines, which just do a
NULL pointer safety check.

So, generic instructions would be:

    - get your distro's newest mesa source package
    - unpack it (e.g. RPMs are really cpio archives)
    - track down the intel_screen.c file and patch (or manually
      edit) it as described above
    - re-package the mesa source package
    - use your distro's source package build tool to build a binary
      package (e.g. rpmrebuild for RPM-based distros)

Working with your distro's source packages should be well-documented
(at least for major distros like Ubuntu and Fedora).

The other option is to wait: I also reported my success with this on
the elrepo mailing list.  The elrepo mesa maintainer said he didn't
want to update the package with a patch that wasn't committed
(according to this thread, it is now, but wasn't when I made the
comment).  So I would imagine that package maintainers will probably
be open to incorporating this patch into their builds now that it's
officially committed... I might request it for elrepo if I get
around to it.

In other words, with this patch officially committed, it will
eventually make its way into different distro's mesa builds.


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