[mythtv-users] mythtbsetup Transport Editor and Freeview UK dvb-t

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sun Jan 29 17:00:51 UTC 2012

I've just rescanned my main myth box ab initio. It took longer than it 
should have done.  Maybe this will be better in 0.25, but I'll make a 
few observations here that might be useful ssomewhere.  This is not a 
complaint; nor, I'm afraid, is it a patch. :-)

I have the impression that the main difficulty people have in the 
Channel tuning process is selecting the right mix of DVB-T transports 
for their location and antenna system.

If they are in the main service area of their transmitter it's easy to 
find the right frequencies (5 for SD and 1 for HD) from eg www.ukfree.tv 
and these can be entered in the Transport Editor.  Then a single 'scan 
of all known transports' should provide all accessible channels with no 

The problem I found is that, although I knew the frequencies I needed, 
and in fact had a recent scan that could be imported to fill the 
Channels table, I couldn't populate all the parameters of any of the 
transports so that they could all be used reliably.  It seemed that 
there was no legitimate way of doing this without deleting one or more 
transports and all channels and rescanning until the Transport Editor 
showed values for transportid and netid for all.

My rescanning was prompted by my wish to be able to switch among a few 
locations in the UK and by unintended changes that happened when I tried 
a backend(s) reconfiguration.  For myself I would just like the 'import 
a scan' feature to populate the Transports (dtv_multiplex) table as well 
as the Channels table; I've already opened a Ticket (#10217) about a 
very similar problem in scanning for HD channels.

John P

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