[mythtv-users] Snooker bloopers (Was: MythTV and 3D ?)

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 14:44:18 UTC 2012

John Pilkington wrote:

>  > * I think snooker could end up like watching my grans TV many years
>>  ago. She lived in Matlock, in the Derwent valley, and I think the
>>  best signal they could get was refracted over the hill and bounced
>>  off the cliffs the other side of the river. So multiple reflections,
>>  possibly some pickup of the non-reflected signal on the back of the
>>  aerial, and the result was severe ghosting. Interesting watching
>>  snooker with about 6 sets of balls on the table !
>You perhaps needed the helpful clarification once offered on the BBC:
>'For those of you watching in black and white, the yellow is the ball
>just to the left of the pink'  - where the colours and direction
>unlikely to be authentic.

Ahh, the wonderful Ted Lowe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Lowe
>"and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink 
>is next to the green."

And I remember the other one given there :
He once told viewers that Fred Davis, struggling to rest one leg on 
the edge of the table in order to reach a long shot, "is getting on a 
bit and is having trouble getting his leg over"

Still, for proper innuendo you want Cricket

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