[mythtv-users] mythtv 0.24.1, DVB-C and Kabel Deutschland: no EIT

Ditmar Unger ditmar at d-unger.de
Thu Jan 26 20:05:05 UTC 2012

Dear Karl and dear Klaas,

thanks a lot for your decisive hint, this solved the problem of having no EIT 
with DVB-C.
Here a short explanation for all others who might run into the same situation:

The variable "networkid" in the table dtv_mltiplex has to be the "original 
network ID"
In my case I took the network ID for Kabel Deutschland from 
where the network ID (NID) is 61441. This is wrong for dtv_multiplex and 
filling the *original* network ID, ONID=1, into the table, EIT/EPG is now 

The difference between those two IDs is explained (in German) in
which I myself didn't know until you gave me your hint.

Thanks again and regards,

>> Next I deleted the channels and did another full scan tuned. After that I
>> added the networkid 61441 (previous: NULL) for Kabel Deutschland (KDG) in 
>> table dtv_multiplex. The transport id was already populated by the scan and
>> seems to be correct but still no EPG.

>Your problem could be the one described in tickets #3640 and #7486 in
>which one of the "other network ID's" must be used instead of the
>default network ID. The patch attached to #7486 allows you to do this
>and this patch works OK for my Dutch DVB-C system.
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