[mythtv-users] LIRC problem after mythbuntu upgrade

mlt at etruscott.co.uk mlt at etruscott.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 22:50:53 UTC 2012

Thanks for the response on this but nothing here, or in the other 
threads about this seems to work and I am beginning to wonder what I'm 
doing wrong.

The problem is that I can get no output from the IR receiver at all. 
ir-keytable -t starts, but no output, it is the same with mode2 and so i 
am beginning to lose hope.  Before upgrading it all worked, so it would 
seem to be a problem with software, albeit it seems a unique one.

Are there any good ways of breaking the problem down any further from 
here, eg how do I make sure the remote is being recognised properly?  Or 
is there a sensible alternative to lirc?

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