[mythtv-users] User Job to rip subtitles from each program

David Crawford davidcrawford83 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 21:18:34 UTC 2012


I'm quite new to MythTV and im trying to setup a User Job with a script
that I use to rip subtitles automatically from a recorded show into a in
.srt format.
The Script works fine via the CMD terminal and I was using it previously
with the DVBViewer Recording Service. The script via the CMD works this way:
python ~dave/uksub2srt/uksub2srt.py -i itv.mpg -o ~dave/subtitles/itv.srt

Ive tried the following but it doesnt work:
python ~dave/uksub2srt/uksub2srt.py -i %FILE%.mpg -o

can anyone tell me what the correct paramters are?

also, is there a limit to jobs i can process after recordings - i will
recording as much as 20 programs at a time.

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