[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase and xmltv not playing nicely together

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Jan 18 17:28:34 UTC 2012

Zitat von Karl Dietz <dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org>:

> Hi Jan,
>> If running mythfilldatabase as usual, I always get an "Error in 1:1:
>> error occurred while parsing element" in the logs. If I run the
> Sounds like it could be the BOM or error messages leaking to the output.
>> grabber manually and feed the output into mythfilldatabase, it works
>> fine. Running xmllint on the grabber output doesn't reveal anything
> Does tv_validate_file or tv_validate_grabber report anything?

tv_validate_file ran fine, which is strange, because  
tv_validate_grabber got me on the right track. There was some missed  
debug output, polluting the xml stream. I still don't understand how  
this standard output got into the output file specified with --output  
Anyway, that was a great advice, everything's running fine now.

>> special. Using -v xmltv with mythfilldatabase doesn't show any
>> problems either, besides the mentioned error message right after the
>> xmltv output.
>> Is there any way to pipe or log what's going on between xmltv and
>> mythfilldatabase, so I can actually see the data that causes the parse
> It may be easiest to simple open the temporary /tmp/myth* in an editor
> while mfdb is parsing it. (before it gets deleted, as your grabber
> prefers the method allatonce you should have enough time to do so)
>> error? I suspect some garbage output or error message that only
>> appears when running xmltv through mythfilldatabase. IIUC the debug
>> log output, the xmltv data is not piped to standard out, but to a
>> temporary file. mythfilldatabase seems to delete this file after the
>> run though, so I can't investigate that. Is there some way to tell
>> mythfilldatabase to not clean up behind itself?
> I didn't find anything on how to make a directory append only in Linux,
> so you'll have to use the workaround and open it in an editor quickly.

I tried that, but it seems like mythfilldatabase is already deleting  
the output file right after xmltv had finished. I interrupted it while  
it was updating the DB backend, but the file was already gone.

> PS: Obviously you can run mfdb in gdb and just break on the deletion
>      but I'd try the simple stuff first.
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Thanks, Jan.

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