[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase and xmltv not playing nicely together

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Jan 16 18:11:10 UTC 2012


I have some problems getting mythfilldatabase to work nicely with  
xmltv after some necessary changes in the grabber that I mantain  

If running mythfilldatabase as usual, I always get an "Error in 1:1:  
error occurred while parsing element" in the logs. If I run the  
grabber manually and feed the output into mythfilldatabase, it works  
fine. Running xmllint on the grabber output doesn't reveal anything  
special. Using -v xmltv with mythfilldatabase doesn't show any  
problems either, besides the mentioned error message right after the  
xmltv output.

Is there any way to pipe or log what's going on between xmltv and  
mythfilldatabase, so I can actually see the data that causes the parse  
error? I suspect some garbage output or error message that only  
appears when running xmltv through mythfilldatabase. IIUC the debug  
log output, the xmltv data is not piped to standard out, but to a  
temporary file. mythfilldatabase seems to delete this file after the  
run though, so I can't investigate that. Is there some way to tell  
mythfilldatabase to not clean up behind itself?


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