[mythtv-users] Partial Workaround: VLC cannot play MythTV recordings

Brian K Boonstra myth at boonstra.org
Mon Jan 16 17:53:52 UTC 2012


  A few different threads on this list have covered the problem of VLC having some bug where it is unable to play MythTV recordings.  The symptoms are that VLC hangs or crashes on the first frame of the MPEG file.

  Threads covering the bug in this forum included:

and in the VLC forums included:


It turns out that some months ago somebody noticed on a blog forum that mythtranscode solves the problem:


So, while nobody yet seems to understand why VLC stopped being able to play recorded files, at least we have a partial solution for those willing to transcode wither automatically or by hand.  To repeat the blog post (with corrections), it is as simple as this:

  mythtranscode --infile the_recorded_file.mpg --mpeg2 --outfile filename_for_vlc.mpg

Close enough to solved for me.


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