[mythtv-users] Mixing dvb-t2 and dvb-t tuners.

Simon Jones sijones2010 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 14:05:07 UTC 2012

>>I have a 290e with just the HD mux on it, with Active EIT scanning
>>enabled and works perfect, although am likely to change to the xmltv
>>soon but keep passive EIT scanning so i get the latest changes to the
> Both logic, and all advice here, seems to say *not* to mix guide data
> sources for the same channel. The data isn't identical and is very
> likely to cause some confusion in the system as the XML grabber
> changes stuff to one set of data, and the EIT changes it back again.

ah, i just seen the option in the setup that let's you use xmltv and
eit so thought it may have changed!

I use the xmltv to pull the Sky guide so looks like i'll keep it that
way, was just hoping to catch the odd program that runs late etc...

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