[mythtv-users] Mixing dvb-t2 and dvb-t tuners.

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sun Jan 15 13:23:40 UTC 2012

On 15/01/12 11:43, Keith Edmunds wrote:
> If I enable active EIT scanning on one Nova-T (for the non-HD channels)
> and on the 290e (for the HD channels), I get the infamous i2c errors. So I
> have disabled EIT scanning on all tuners, which in turn means the
> programme guide only gets updated when recordings are made.
> That's not a problem for the non-HD channels as there are some children's
> programmes recorded each morning in SD. However, the HD programme guide
> can get a few days behind as recording HD programmes is rarer.
> I don't want to use the Radio Times guide as, ironically, it doesn't
> support radio, and I record a fair bit of radio.
I am considering a similar setup to yours, but because of the radio business I 
am going to tackle it slightly different. I can do this because I have a spare 
DVB-T tuner.

This will be set up with *just* the radio stations, and will be the only source 
which will use EIT. All the other tuners will use the xmltv feed, which gives 
far superior programming information. Those tuners will have all the radio 
stations removed from the sources.

The ongoing advantage to this - future planning - is that I can run the master 
backend with just the radio tuner in it, and migrate out the other tuners to one 
or more slave backends which will only be brought up when needed.


Mike Perkins

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