[mythtv-users] 23.976fps choppy playback

Wil nodenet at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 14 16:23:30 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 11:28 PM, Jean-Yves Avenard <jyavenard [at]
> I have to say that I watch daily BD disks ; original disks, not rip.
> And I've never seen the problem mentioned in the original post.
> Certainly nothing related to the 24fps framerate.
> JY

Thanks for the feedback I got the impression this was working well for most
people which is part of the reason for the post.

I did a bit more testing which gave some mixed results.

mythavtest and mplayer had similar problems with the mkv. As a side note I
did skip to the end of the mkv to check av sync which appears fine.

I created an iso using anydvd which gave good results using mythavtest and
ffmpeg on the backend. With VDPAU enabled however I just get a black screen
on frontend and backend via mythavtest or mythvideo although menus and sound
work fine. First time I've seen a completely black screen when using VDPAU
although others have reported the issue. The frontend version of VDPAU is
290.10 and the backend version is VDPAU 270.41.03. These are gentoo based
systems so the setup is probably quite individualised.

I then went on to extract an m2ts from the iso for the main feature which
for whatever reason mythvideo didn't want to play (I didn't investigate why)
but mythavtest played it fine, the logging indicated no dropped frames after
the initial few seconds of adjustment (playback looked spot on to me). So I
can't help the suspicion that makemkv might be to blame for the problem.
Although I felt the process involved here for obtaining the m2ts was rather
too long winded for my taste.

I am interested to know when you say you are playing back the original discs
if they are older discs or not, as the mythtv wiki states that playback is
only supported for...

A disc protected by AACS MKB version 10 or lower, and not protected by BD+

Or do you have another way of doing it?

If it comes to it my frontend is sitting on top of my virtually unused BR
player anyway :) but maybe in the distant future I will put a BR drive in
the frontend and try and get it working. I certainly won't be buying any BR
discs myself until I'm sure all the discs will playback one way or another
using mythtv.


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