[mythtv-users] Share your transcode settings!

Josh Rosenberg mythtv at desh.info
Wed Jan 11 16:26:21 UTC 2012


I'm still struggling a lot with setting up transcoding.  But rather
than ask for specific help, I'm going to try a different approach.

Those of you who do any sort of lossy or format-converting transcoding
beyond just stripping commercials, share how you do it!  Built-in
transcoding, a user job, or what?  If you use a script someone posted
online, have you modified it?  If you use a standard utility like
ffmpeg, or a script with multiple modes, what options do you call it
with?  Also, how long does the conversion take and how well does it
work for you (that is, how much space does it save and how is the
quality impacted)?

Bonus points for explaining why you chose what you chose, or what
alternatives you've discarded along the way.

Google searching for transcode help seems to mostly reveal people who
are struggling, and I'd like to hear some examples from people who are
succeeding!  Regardless of whether your use case exactly matches mine
or not.



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