[mythtv-users] DLNA server? Anyone?

Peter Mitchell peterpf_mitchell at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 10:29:04 UTC 2012

> From: Mark Lord [mailto:mythtv at rtr.ca] On 12-01-07 12:30 PM, Peter 
> Mitchell wrote:
> > I got my Mythbackend running as a DLNA server just before Christmas 
> > in conjunction with a Panasonic DT30. In addition to configuring the
> backend to
> > use a real static IP address as mentioned above, it was also 
> > necessary
> to
> > open various ports within the firewall.
> >
> > 2869 for tcp and 1900 for udp I believe - or simply disable the 
> > firewall temporarily to test things out.
> There is ZERO need to adjust your internet firewall for using DLNA, 
> unless you are trying to access it from outside the firewall.

Sure. However if the server hosting your mythbackend is running a firewall
you must ensure that all the necessary ports are enabled or you will not be
able to access it on the local network where presumably the DLNA client
resides. Connection to the external internet should obviously be far more

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