[mythtv-users] Cross-compiled win32 binaries failing to run

Markus Mattinen thechoris at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 19:19:56 UTC 2012

2011/12/21 Lawrence Rust <lvr at softsystem.co.uk>:
> This leads me to believe that it's a 64-bit issue - the patch is not
> necessary on a 64-bit system.  However, if the target is 32-bit (which
> it should be here) then a conforming cross compiler should issue a
> diagnostic (error).  So maybe it's the 64-bit mingw tools that are
> producing incorrect output.  I'm sticking with a 32-bit PAE system for
> the present because of these niggles.  It might prove useful to setup a
> 32-bit VirtualBox (or similar) environment to cross compile, which is a
> known good route.
> Have you tried setting the cpu type i.e. adding "-c i686" to the
> mythbuild.sh invocation?  Maybe that might provide a solution.
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> Lawrence
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I tried it on a 32-bit Arch Linux installation within Virtualbox, and
got the same results - compiling worked fine but the output
executables would just not run.
Then I installed Ubuntu within the same Virtualbox, did the exact same
thing, and this time they work just fine!
Wonder what the problem on Arch could be? i686 optimizations?
mingw32/gcc version?
Now that I think of it, there were also some other problems under Arch
Linux, like not all the files ending up in the correct folders
(mythinstall/win32 only had half of the required files, so I'd have to
copy some over from mythinstall/bin, and I think the installer never
got properly created either).

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