[mythtv-users] Numeric Key-Bindings not working in recent 0.25 MythMusic

Paul Harrison mythtv at sky.com
Tue Feb 28 20:28:48 UTC 2012

On 24/02/12 11:21, David Watkins wrote:
>> Yep the MENU keybinding which is the 'M' key by default. You should
>> already have it defined since it's used on nearly every screen in Myth
>> to show the popup menu.
> Paul,
> Yes the Pop up menu works fine (and that's not the first time I'd
> forgotten it existed).
> Personally I'd like there to be a key binding available for toggling
> the full screen visualiser on/off, and the same for the blank screen.
> I prefer to listen to music with a blank screen normally, or the Goom
> visualiser occasionally.  Every now and then I go in to queue up the
> next few tracks.  Getting back to the music selector and back to the
> blank screen is quite a handfull of key presses via the menu.

The BLANKSCR keybinding is still there but it looks like I forgot to
hook it up to anything. That's an easy fix :). The CYCLEVIS keybinding
is there and works as before. I'll think about reinstating the
keybinding to switch to the fullscreen visualiser can't just remember
why it was removed in the first place.
> Has the half-size option for the Goom visualiser been
> removed/disabled/broken?  There's still a set-up page for it but it
> appears not to be working.  I'm running on an ION(yes I know), which
> can't manage Goom at full resolution.  It did well enough on my
> previous 0.25 build before the MythMusic upgrade (and looked fine on a
> 32" screen at least), but now I'm back to a 1/2 second or so screen
> refresh.

The visualizers currently do use a lot of CPU that's because MythUI
isn't very good at fast changing stuff like the visuals so they have to
be changed to not use MythUI directly but to use the underlying painter.
Goom also ignores the visual size settings which doesn't help either.
Mark K. did volunteer to look at it but has since left the project so
I'm going to have to figure it out myself. In the mean time if it's a
problem then use one of the less cpu intensive visuals like blank and
albumart or you could just remove the visual widget from the theme.

> BTW thanks for your work.  It's good to see MythMusic receiving some attention.
> Regards,
> David

Paul H.

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