[mythtv-users] HDPVR and Live TV - Does anyone have this working?

Andrew Stadt acstadt at stadt.ca
Sun Feb 26 14:59:02 UTC 2012

On 26/02/2012 9:34 AM, Gerald Brandt wrote:
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>> Subject: [mythtv-users] HDPVR and Live TV - Does anyone have this working?
>> I have two HDPVR's since my cable provider has the copy bit set.  The
>> HDPVR is doing a good job recording shows but since my cable provider
>> will start phasing out analog channels I want to get live tv working
>> for
>> my wife.  When I change channels with my HD Home Run in live TV the
>> channel changes fine.  When I try to do the same with the HDPVR 80%
>> of
>> the time I get a failure.  The jist of the failure is that mythtv can
>> not find the ringbuffer file to play from.  The initial channel is
>> found
>> correctly but on channel change is when the failure happens.
>> Is anyone else able to watch live tv from the hdpvr input?
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> Hi,
> A bit late to this thread.  I've had two HDPVR's running, with Firewire channel change on two Motorola 6200's for a week now.  Everythings been flawless.
> I'm running a stock Mythbuntu 10.10
> Gerald
Another later reply (with top posting fixed):

Running Debian-multimedia on my MBE and two FE's (0.24-fixes) with one 
HDPVR and two PVR150's.  Most channel changes work, occasionally get 
buffering issues but it generally works.  Having said that, the same 
system with master (as of last night) I can't get a single channel 
change to work.


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