[mythtv-users] MythNetVision and Browser Question

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sat Feb 25 23:18:34 UTC 2012

On 2/25/2012 16:55, Michael Papet wrote:
> 1. Hulu's flash UI allows for the video to be popped out of the page, but mythtv's browser does not allow popups.  Is there a way to manually defeat popup blocking for domain hulu.com?

If the UI allows for playback to be shifted into a mini-window, then 
MythNetvision supports a mechanism that lets you embed that same player 
in a web page of your construction, allowing you to bypass all the extra 
garbage in the source page.  If you're instead talking about the 
standard full-screen button, that's something completely internal to 
flash that MythBrowser likely has no control over.

> 2. Is it possible to have custom lircrc commands for mythnetvision and myth's web browser?  For example, volume control.

MythBrowser doesn't have volume controls, as it doesn't play audio or 
video.  Flash accesses your audio devices directly, again with no 
control available to MythBrowser.  As before, MythNetvision's custom web 
page comes into play here.  Certain video players are designed with the 
intent that 3rd parties would embed them in their own websites.  They 
come with javascript interfaces to allow external control over various 
tasks.  The web page can expose these abilities to MythNetvision, 
allowing native remote control.  See the Vimeo grabber for an example of 
one that allows volume.


Hulu currently has no such interface.  They allow embedding, but instead 
of a javascript wrapper like other sites, they link you to the player 
directly.  Aside from being able to flip the auto-play bit, I doubt 
there is any mechanism for external control.  Skimming through the 
forums, I see two requests to Hulu Labs specifically for that feature, 
and a third in Feature Requests that is asking for the same thing but 
doesn't know the correct terminology.

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