[mythtv-users] Keyframe identification in cutlist editor

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Tue Feb 21 15:11:36 UTC 2012

On 21/02/12 14:54, Richard Morton wrote:
> Using keyframes is not required for mythtranscode with mpeg2 (lossless
> transcode) and honour cut list options.
> Myth transcode just re encodes just the affected frames (which means it
> isn't quite lossless but certainly close enough).
> R
> Please excuse brevity and pistakes as this email was composed on an
> Android smartphone.
> Thanks and best regards
> Richard Morton

That's what I thought; but I stopped using that tool some time ago, 
because it often failed, either in process or when doing further 

I think the ability to go to a keyframe is valuable and should be kept - 
and preferably improved - but I sometimes overshoot the mode into 
'cutpoint' - and wish I hadn't.  There was a thread about the mode 
switch options maybe a year ago but it died out.  For use from the 
keyboard PgUp and PgDn give 'cutpoint' too, so its place in the mode 
sequence isn't vital, but it may be needed for use with a remote.

John P

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