[mythtv-users] Strange shocking screen during recording/watching

Greg Grotsky spikeygg.mythbox at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 14:02:01 UTC 2012

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 3:10 AM, Quint van Drosthagen <
quint at vandrosthagen.net> wrote:

> Hi guys,****
> ** **
> Since a month now i have replaced my old mythtv box with a brand new one..
> Because i watch allot of HD content and record allot of shows i decided
> that i needed to have a more powerfull and future proof machine so decided
> to upgrade not only mem and cpu but also to a GT430 card and SSD drives 2x
> Corsair Performance Pro Series 256 GB, S-ATA III.****
> ** **
> But now the problem with this setup against the old one.. When i record a
> program like say House.. and i decided to watch after 20 minutes (so
> recording is still going on) to that recording so i can skip commercials
> etc.. the screen shocks every xx seconds.. The strange thing is that this
> is only happening during the record/watch fase.. if is go to livetv during
> the same recording i can watch it without any shocking.. and if the
> recording is done and i watch a program no problems either.. So i thought
> maybe it is an IO problem somewhere so i tuned my SSD according and looked
> at iotop/top etc. etc. but i can't find any bottlenecks anywhere.. It is so
> verry strange that everything is working as a charm only if i record
> something and watch it at the same time.. The strangest thing i find is
> that livetv (also a sort of recording/watching) isn't having any problems..
> ****
> ** **
> It is so strange.. And i hope somebody can help me figure out what is
> going on here..;)****
> ** **
> Regards****
> Quint

Quint, I have the same graphics card as you and if I understand you
correctly then I have the same problem.  The "shocking" that you
experience, is it video and audio seizing up sometimes for seconds and then
video and audio resuming?  That is what I experience, and after a few of
these incidents in quick succession (like within ~2 minutes) myth will boot
me back to the recordings menu with a "Irrecoverable Recorder Error".  I
actually sent an email to the users list about it last night titled
"Irrecovera​ble Recorder Error while watching recordings that are currently
being recorded."  Like you, when the recording is done, no playback
problems whatsoever.

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