[mythtv-users] Adding an SSD to my MBE -- partitioning question

tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Tue Feb 14 10:13:35 UTC 2012

On 14/02/2012 9:13 p.m., Warpme wrote:

> After move HDD to SSD:
> Results:
> Qualitative:
> -Only area where speed-up is seen is mythweb (was instant, with SSD is
> flashy)

> My conclusions:
> 1.In case of my system build-in-kernel disk buffering is so effective
> that even significant speedup of next level storage hierarchy (HDD->SSD)
> is totally masked by kernel buffering.
> 2.Big enough MySQL caches quite effectively masks speedups in mass-storage.
> 3.Recordings rescheduling speed is directly correlated to CPU (going
> from Celeron 3,46G to AMD 235E changed reschedule time from 60s to 18s).
> 4.For rescheduling speed-up, next, after CPU upgrade&  mysql caches, is
> moving /tmp to tempfs (noticeable speedup 18s->6s).
> 5.Current MythTV system based on quite standard HDD like WD Green is
> working really nice even with ATOM CPU. (i.e.86 progs EPG list loads in
> aprox 0.2-0.4sec; showing 400+ recordings list is instant (in sense that
> there is no time to show loading progress dialog).
> Summarizing:
> Speaking in economy: HDD->SSD marginal utility increase is in my case
> was ABSOLUTELY not worth of SSD investment.
> Before SSD spending decision I'm strongly recommending:
> -buy more RAM for having huge as possible kernel disk buffers
> -move /tmp to tempfs
> -allocate 32MB or more for MySQL query cache (and other parameters
> accordingly to http://mysqltuner.pl/)
> With above it is highly probable that You will get MythTV system where
> HDD->SSD upgrade will absolutely not worth the money (and allows You
> spent those money elsewhere - with much higher utility).

Thanks for posting, most interesting.

It seems you are saying that changing the BE to SSD did make a major 
("flashy") difference to mythweb's performance.  A good test of mythweb 
is how quickly the recordings page loads.  Are you saying this works 
noticeably faster?

Are you saying the mythtweb speed improvements are mainly due to the 
other measures you detailed, and not the SSD?  Or is the SSD also making 
a useful additional improvement to the mythweb performance?

I hope you don't mind clarifying this please.

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