[mythtv-users] DVB recordings fail with: 'Warning: Unsupported bandwidth parameter'

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Mon Feb 13 15:57:29 UTC 2012

On 13/02/12 15:08, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 13/02/12 12:53, Mike Perkins wrote:
>> Yesterday every DVB recording failed with zero-byte files created. There were no
>> changes made in the last couple of days, but I did migrate my MBE from Mandriva
>> to Debian the previous week-end - this coincided with Digital Switchover Phase I
>> from the Hannington transmitter. All last week I had no problems with any
>> recordings.
>> I tried some LiveTV this morning to see if it was one or other of my two tuners
>> but both give the same result.
>> I googled the message but the results in the main seem very old, so that's why I
>> am asking again.
> Hi:  It seems strange that after, presumably, rescanning for DSO you
> were able to record but suddenly can't.  Normally I would suggest just
> making sure you are using the right Transport frequencies and rescanning
> until all transports show netid and transportid in the editor window,
> but maybe there's a problem with the transmitted data.
> You might find something useful at or linked from
> http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/10217
I'm as mystified as you as to why it first worked, and now it doesn't. I looked 
at the ticket and it seems like much of the same. I have one multiplex (out of 
six) where the data is just plain garbage. I filled in the missing netid, 
transportid and put reasonable-looking defaults in some of the other 
wierd-looking fields. I now don't get the error message, but I also still don't 
get any of the channels :( There is also /no/ attempt by the channel scanner to 
update this record at any point, whatever I try.

My only option, I think, is to use one of the other multiplexes and base my 
scans around that. That means clearing out all the channels and starting again 
from scratch, something I did only a week ago, and something I'll have to do 
again on the 22nd Feb :( If I don't I lose all the BBC channels.

Hmm. It seems that this one multiplex is transmitted on a different antenna to 
the other five (on the same mast). I wonder if something's set up differently?


Mike Perkins

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