[mythtv-users] Record, flag commercials, then move to NAS

Marco Quezada mellamanjefe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 21:55:48 UTC 2012

>> I was not aware that myth would search through all the listed
>> directories in storage groups to look for recordings, that is great
>> design and helps me understand a little better how to take advantage
>> of them. So correct me if I'm wrong but I if I create a user job
>> (simple script) to run after the commercial flagging that copies the
>> flagged show to the NAS I should get what I need, right? (as long as I
>> set up the storage groups correctly).

>Having 2 Storage Groups allows you to specify that MythTV should only
>record to the local dirs (in the Default group), but MythTV will still
>find the recordings after you move them to non-local dirs in another group.
>However, you will want to remember to remove the original file after you
>copy it over.  I'm pretty sure you know that, but just wanted to say it
>explicitly since you said, "copies."
>Also, note that if you fill up the local directories, MythTV will begin
>to expire recordings from those directories--and not from the remote
>directories--since it's only allowed to write to the local directories.
>Note, though, that the same would hold true even if all the directories
>are in the recording (Default) storage group.  So, just make sure you
>have a sufficiently large local file system to handle the recordings
>until you've gotten them moved.


Great, yes I move the files but thanks for clarifying that they should
be removed afterwards.
If it helps others, here is what my entry in the backend settings
looks like for user job #1:

/usr/local/bin/moveFlaggedRecording.sh %DIR% %FILE% /data/mythtv/recordings

And the very simple script (moveFlaggedRecordings.sh) looks like so:



#Only move the file if it is not already in the destination

if [ ! -f $DESTDIR/$SRCFILE ]; then
   # move the file and associated snaphots

Now I am tackling a scheduler issue...



p.s. Sorry that I keep replying with top level threads, I get my
messages in a digest and so I am not sure how to write a message that
gets put under the correct thread when I reply...

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