[mythtv-users] Record, flag commercials, then move to NAS

Marco Quezada mellamanjefe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 19:27:19 UTC 2012


I have a small setup comprised of a combined backend/frontend using a
HDHR tuner and directly connected to my TV. This machine mounts
through NFS its mythTV storage directories on a small NAS machine. So
when a show is recorded mythTV writes it directly to the NAS. However,
once the recording ends, then the commercial flagging task begins and
that means that the BE/FE has to read the video back through the
network, do the flagging and write back to the NAS.

What I would like instead is to have mythTV record locally on the
BE/FE machine and do its commercial flagging locally, then once the
task is complete the flagged recording should be moved to the NAS for
storage thus minimizing the amount of times the recordings are moved
across the network. I thought that a user job that includes flagging
the commercials and then moving the recording is a way to solve this
but I am not sure how to update the data base so that myth can find
the recording in its new location after it has been moved.

Does anyone have a script or can suggest a setting that can help me
accomplish this?



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