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>> Could anyone point me to an objective
>> analysis of the two types of
>> de-interlacing techniques in VDPAU? Also, is the difference
>> noticeable? I am thinking of getting nvidia gt520 (silent
>> card) but it
>> looks like it can only do Temporal 2x at NTSC frame rates.
>> My quest
>> for the mythical silent (non atom) FE/BE set up continues,
>> hopefully
>> not for long.
>> -Govind
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> I have this card.
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814162081
> Its perfect for MythTV.
> I'm pretty sure I have mine set to best everything quality settings with no issues, but I'll double-check when I get home.

I didn't think the 520 could do Advanced 2x on 1080i? I would like to
know if you are indeed using it, and if you don't get skipped frames.

I have a GT220, fan cooled. Fan died recently though and I had stand
an old case fan in front of it, but it's really loud...
I want to replace it but can't find anything worth buying for under
$100, I'm not worried about space but I do need Advanced 2x and would
like fanless, or at least a very quiet fan that will hopefully not die
after a few months of use....

>From my experience, the quality difference for Advanced2x is only
really noticeable >=46", with fast moving content, ie sports and such.
The bigger the screen the more noticeable on slower moving content,
though quick pans and fast movement are the big things. On my 1080p
50" plasma I can tell with sports, on my parent's 1080i 55" rear
projection the difference is more obvious. I have two Nvidia Ion
systems with a 26" and a 32" tv and my parents have one with a 24" and
one with a 26", in my testing on these monitors with the GT220's I
could not tell the difference watching sports at a reasonable
difference. Only my 26" is 1080p though, the other three are 720p

I am very picky though...

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